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Atdf®PF-95Technical Data Sheet

Key Features

     Atdf®pf-95 is a hydrosoluble antimicrobial cationic substance with a wide spectrum of activity against bacteria, fungi and yeasts.

INCI      Hexamidine Diisethionate

CAS       659-40-5 


1  As Anti-dandruff (pityrosporum ovale) and anti-desquamation products: shampoo and other hair-care products.

•  The effect of anti-dandruff is strong and obvious: 0.02-0.08% addition is enough.

•  Could easily dissolve in water without having precipitates or change in clour. 

•  No irritation to skin or hair.

•  Low cost.

2  As Anti-acne products.

As deodorant formula

4  As preservative.


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