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Siped®AB-30Technical Data Sheet

Key Features
      Siped®AB-30 is a solution of Acetyl Hexapeptide-18. By promoting PGC-1α expression and lipid accumulation in the adipose tissue, it increases local volume improving facial appearance and pro-viding a curvy silhouette of the body.
INCI     Butylene Glycol,Water(Aqua),Acetyl Hexapeptide-18
     Siped®AB30 can be incorporated in facial redefining or breast firming formulations, and in any product where a replenishing effect is desired. 
Recommended use level
1 to 4%
Formulation Tips
 incorporated in cosmetic formulations at room temperature.
2   can be compatible with carbomer .
3   soluble in water,ethanol and glycols.


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