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SL-Whiting®577Technical Data Sheet

Key Features         

   SL-Whiting®577 , also known as 4-Butylresorcinol,is a liposoluble ingredient that works effectively on skin lightening and depigmentation.

CAS    18979-61-8 

INCI    4-Butylresorinol 

Properties and benefits

In the three steps of melanogenesis, SL-Whiting 500 reveals noticeable inhibitory effect on tyrosinase synergism and its activity.

1. Before melanin synthesis, it interferes with the synthesis and glycosylation of tyrosinase to prevent the enzyme from being absorbed by melanoma.

2. During synthesis, it inhibits enzyme activity as a competitive inhibitor of tyrosinase and TRP1 enzyme, reducing the formation of melanin’s primary by-products.

3. After synthesis,it promotes tyrosinase degradation and hinders the transfer of melanoma to keratinocytes, which is further enhanced by the presence of fatty acids


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