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SL-Whiting®C 280Technical Data Sheet

Key Feature

        SL-Whiting® C 280 is an amino acid derivative occurring naturally in mammalian cells, which is a stable and gentle whitening ingredient without cytotoxicity.SL-Whiting® C 280 can directly inhibit tyrosinase activity, as well as prohibiting the transfer of melanin. Data shows that SL-whiting 280 could compare with Kojic acid for its effect.

INCI  1-Methylhydantoin-2-imide


     Alcohol-soluble and water-soluble at room temperature


     Skin colour is mainly determined by melanin contentration in keratinocytes.There are three whitening mechanisms according to the different stages of melaninformation.

1   Inhibit tyrosinase formation

2   Inhibit tyrosinase activity

3  Inhibit the transfer of melanosomes

    SL-Whiting® C 280 is a powerful whitening agent that possesses two of mechanisms including inhibiting tyrosinase activity and the transfer of melanosomes. SL-Whiting® C 280  belongs to competitive inhibition agent that undergoes non-reductive inhibition with its stable structure.


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