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SL-Whiting ® 877STTechnical Data Sheet

Key Features
    SL-Whiting ® 877ST is a compound that sealed 4-butylresorcinol and phenylethyl resorcinol together using polar oil GTCC and is highly efficient on skin lightening. Due to synergistic effect, SL-Whiting obtains both 4-butyolresorcinol and 4-phenylethyl resorcinol’s properties, thus having anti-oxidising and lightening effects at the same time. Besides, with the addition of ingredients such as oat alkaloid derivatives, SL-Whiting’s irritation is immensely reduced.  

CAS  18979-61-8,85-27-8,65381-09-1
Properties and benefits
1. SL-Whiting ® 877ST has the ability of skin whitening and reducing hyperpigmentation. 

2. SL-Whiting ®877ST has a remarkable antioxidant capacity which helps with reduction processes such as melanin elimination. Its antioxidant activity is 40% than that of the same concentration of vitamin E and BHT.
3. SL-Whiting ®877ST obtains synergistic effect of the two ingredients, and can be easily applied with great stability.


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