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Development history

Established in 2004, Silat started its journey by mainly operating as an agent for foreign products. Since then, we gradually started to independently develop and launch several new products.


In August 2009, successfully developed Atdf®pf-95 (hexamidine diethyl isethionate), a highly effective raw material for reducing dandruff and acne. It started to be produced in factories in the following year and was inspected and certificated by a number of authoritative third-party.


In November 2010, five peptide products were launched at the same time and examined by the Guangdong Analysis and Testing Centre.


In May 2011, Atdf®pf-95 (hexamidine diethyl isethionate) began to be exported.


In October 2012, SL-Whiting® 777 (phenethyl resorcinol) was released into the market as a raw material that displayed extraordinary capacities of whitening and removing hyperpigmentation.


In September 2012, a GMP-certified factory was built to mainly produce our inclusion series and peptide series products.


In June 2014, the sister company Create Beauty was established.


In December 2016, the new additive-free preservatives series and anti-allergic series were introduced.  


Until January 2017, sister company Create Beauty has applied for multiple patents.


In December 2017, Create Beauty was certified as a national high-tech enterprise.


In August 2018, Create Beauty received the honor of the ‘Council Unit of the "Daily Chemical Science" of China Daily Chemical Industry Information Center’.


In March 2019, 4-Butyl-resorcinol was launched into the market.


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